A beautiful day and heavy traffic – for Scotland’s north – welcomed us aside the single track road on that morning. As spotted the day before, there was a river and several lochs on our today’s route and combined with the warm and sunny weather – it became a perfect day for a wilderness shower or bath. We’ve found a perfect place river side, just a couple of yards away of the “heavy traffic” road and hided behind a small hill that kept our privacy in that wonderful open landscape.


Fresh, clean and with a flagrance of civilization we headed on to the town with my favorite name – Ullapool. Ullapool is the most north port to go to the Outer Hebrides by car ferry. We’ve arrived quite early so there was plenty of time for getting gas, shopping food, gifts and having an Ale. I’ve also bought a new solar charger for my iPhone after loosing my two other ones – but it was finally crap. While our shopping tour Bettina came up with the genius idea of buying a couple of yards of Anti-Mitches-Net – that has gifted us with some calm and relaxing nights on the ongoing tour.


An other highlight of Ullapool is the awarded Fish&Chips Booth called “The Seaforth Chippy”, which was recommended by an old guy talking to us near Inverness a week ago. And true, that Fish&Chips was the best of our whole trip.


And even the seagulls almost killed for that shit! So, now you do know the place to be!


By such an unused quantity of options to spend money the hours went by as hell and it was soon time for boarding. The ferry to Stornoway was bigger as expected and so the time for crossing – around 4 hours – a great time for recharging my extra accumulator, while enjoying the awesome landscape.







When we’ve started to spot Stornoway at the horizon, the sun was already quite low – a fact that made me kind of unrelaxed. Cause as learned on several tours around Europe, searching for an overnight place in the dark is a real pain in the ass.


The arrival was scheduled to half past nine p.m. and we’ve been on time. Stornoway has a real lovley skyline with a lot of old brick-houses – a pity that it was that late and we’ve been in a hurry to find a place to stay. So we’ve rushed out of the port, straight to my so loved Tesco – I admit, i couldn’t resist to go in for packaging spotting – and i’ve succeed in finding a very nice line of cereals.


As we’ve stepped out to the parking, the sun approached dangerously close to the horizon, what means not much time left to find our place. Bettina has driven an I’ve guided a direction by following my instinct and hell knows how we’were able to find that really nice spot sea side only a couple of miles outside city center – and it has been even enough bright to install our Anti-Mitches-Net for our first time – it has been just a the most relaxing night since days!


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