The old girl had looked after us, but was in need of a little TLC, and having been so lucky with my previous trips around southern Germany ,Belgium and France i know knew at every point my bus leaked, and a good few new seals will be on order on my return. A lot of our stuff had become a little damp and we all needed a good drying out. We had enjoyed some stunning sunny days, but when it had rained it had been really heavy and tested us to the limit, besides parking up for a couple of days break on the return trip also offered some fishing as they live on the coast and a secure internet connection to book our return crossing over the English Channel, and the chance for me to stock up on English shopping and all the things i miss living in Germany.



When the weather wasnt good enough for the beach we visted a butterfly house and gardens and got a day on the beach under our belts and most importantly time to organise ourselves for the final part of our journey, as we didnt use a navigation device we had maps and god knows how many directions printed out on sides of A4. It was a shame we had hoped to return via brittany and the French Atlantic coast, but sadly the funds were not going to allow it, but i did enjoy a moment while organsing the return route, when i caught myself already planning next summers road trip!


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