After a good nights sleep and a hearty English Breakfast cooked by the camper was time to go to the beach, so after the coldest showers on earth, we were on our way to the beach and to fetch some important supplies, the main one being milk for my tea. After giving my anti-roll bar another good scraping on the way out of the campsite we began the weekend. The Beach at St Mawgan Porth was stunning and the weather was fine. Finding a spot for swimming was going to be hard with all the body boarders and surfers plus the fact there were absolutely thousands of small jellyfish to contend with! Apparently the sting was not bad, not that i wanted to find out for myself! But seeing as we had not planned to be there i must say it was the right choice and it was a fine day on the beach.


Fred made a new friend in the car park..


And i found the Beast of Bodmin 😉 a nice cheeky ruby red ale.



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