So after the beach it was time for the main event of our visit to cornwall and meeting up with the boys (and lasses) from the Evil Bens crew back at the campsite for a Ska party that evening. We were still first at the campsite so sat and chilled by the van until i heard the first chassis rail scraping into the campsite, and was chuffed to see Paul and Amy who i had not seen since EBI, and not long after Ben arrived so everybody got the BBQ’s unpacked and was time for meal to prepare for the serious business of drinking and partying into the small hours.

Ben and Pauls rides making mine look like a cross country 4×4


The band ‘Rudis message’ were a local cornish band doing cover versions of classic ska hits, there was a cider festival and the bar and scores of surfers and campers from St Mawgan, and it was an absolutely rocking night! Unfortunately some of us rocked too much and drank a few too many!



I had an amazing night, but as i was sat in the camper getting ready to pass out i felt a little sad, the realisation that this was as far as we would go, the furthest point of the trip, i was having the time of my life but from this point we would always be going home. I woke in the morning still felling a little sad, but the i thought about it all, this roadtrip was the most amazing thing i had ever done in my bus and it had been worth every minute. I have done many shows and done a lot of kilometers to get to them, i had met great people and seen fantastic cars, but this trip was a whole new experience and i had gotten to know my camper inside out, its an experience everybody should try, afterall our VW’s are there to be used aren’t they?


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