Waking on the sunday morning the rain had set in and a sense of gloom was added to the stonking hangovers we had all earned from the night before. Up until now we had with every kilometer moved further away from home, but this was the tipping point, from now on every kilometer would be bringing us closer to home and despite the fact we knew the return journey would be just as much fun the fact was we were slowly going home.

We waited for a break in the rain to fire up the barbecue and get a wholesome breakfast on the go, there was no chance of an early start, i was a million miles away from being fit enough to drive, and besides driving back from European Bug In earlier in the summer i had learned the lesson of trying to drive a long distance without a clear head and a full belly. So it was mid afternoon before we said our goodbyes ,packed the camper and headed out over the country lanes and headed for the A30. A wrong turn turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we had found a coastal road from St Mawgan to Newquay and got a little sight seeing under our belts despite the poor weather. After checking out the funds a decision was made to make a long haul back to East Sussex and a few days guerilla camping on my parents front drive, i would advise anybody planning a road trip to at least double what they thought it would cost,but one thing was for sure we were going to take a much more scenic route than just sittiing on endless motorways.


Driving around the UK i an amazed at the amount of Bay Window busses we have seen on the road and the endless thumbs up from them, in some ways it gives you a sense of security knowing if you break down along the way it wont be long before another camper/bus/Beetle would come along and offer support, the scene in the UK is huge and im still shocked how many i saw on the road.

We decided to take a small detour to see Stonehenge on the way back, but after getting stuck in traffic on the notorious A303 we missed the opening times and could only view from afar, but we got a good look and headed back on the road and arrived at our destination well into the darkness hours, very tired and worn out, and it was a releif to drink a beer and pull out the rock and roll bed and get a damn good nights sleep!

IMG_1305 IMG_13011016986_10151849534307975_2058540438_n

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