A Day that has started like all before with a little sunshine and some clouds, but with a stunning view and the goal of Bettina to have a swim in the sea, what she’ve done brave and successfully.


After that cold, but obviously refreshing experience, it was time for a strong and hot coffee. Only a couple of curves after Durness an artist and handcraft place has established back in the early seventies, right after the former army observing station has went off service. There we’ve found a really nice coffee shop where they also produce delicious home made sweets, chocolates and pralines.


For the next few hours we’ve steered our van through the wilderness of the north with stunning views. Such a lot of movements made us hungry, so, we’ve been looking for an accurate lunch site, which we’ve found aside a nice Loch. Bettina took the change of the warm and sunny Scottish summer and went for her second swim today and after eating we’ve had a sunbath and nap.


Only a few minutes after leaving that peaceful place an unusual weather phenomena took place, the sky started to cry – we’ve never seen this in Scotland before and after this day. The fact of rain turned the landscape into an all different mystic mood, what was really impressive. We did an other ruin visit and the later it was, the better became the weather again.


We’ve chosen a windy spot on a kind of a Fjell, so that the Mitches won’t have a change to spend dinner with us. Unfortunately the wind has stopped while our main course was served and that was when the little beasts have arrived – but this time we’ve been protected by a local anti-Mitches spray, which really bewared us of bigger damage. But after doing the dishes it became that worse – even with spray – that we’ve left the place in hope of finding a windy one further on – we did. And we did also find a really, really nice sunset, what was worth to have to change the spot.


And best, we’ve been able to enjoy our coffee and biscuits without any Mitches – awesome.


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