So after crossing the pond we only had a very short drive to the second Kent VW Festival, after getting a bit muddled and driving on the wrong road out of Dover (there are only two main routes), we did a u-turn at the first motorway junction and were soon back on track, and arrived just as the sun was setting over the showground, and got to appreciate a stunning sunset, after parking somewhere in the club camping i soon had the steaks sizzling on the BBQ and a well deserved cold beer which slipped down in seconds after our mammoth journey up from the black forest. Little did i know we were in a far flung corner of the campsite, very quiet and i was wondering where everybody else was. (on saturday i discovered a whole new world of camping on the other side of the festival)

Saturday morning i woke to the pitter patter of rain on the bus roof, and discovered all the camping kit like stools i had left out was soaked i managed to put together a warm breakfast to eat in the camper, then it was off round the show in search of a pair of wellington boots. If you have never been to the Kent VW festival they share the weekend with the Kent country show, so there are a mix of standard VW trade stands, and local companies selling arts and crafts and amazing cup cakes!


By lunch time Saturday the weather had past and the sun was shining, we moved the bus to the larger general camping and some great guys i met, well it was Saturday and a party night was always on the cards. Mother nature delivered a full on thunderstorm with some crazy lightening just missing the campsite, who needs fireworks! Saturday night was a crazy party night the beer was flowing and we were in great company. I wont fill this blog with fantastic photos of all the amazing vee dubs, there are already enough blogs full of that, just be sure there were some amazing busses bugs and all the rest, as well as a huge collection of vintage cars lorrys and steam engines there for the country part of the show…


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