So after being up half the night trying to organise a ferry ticket, we got on the road. The sun was shining and we did not find any major traffic jams or dramas. The biggest problem was tired legs and a sore backside from all the hours in the driving seat! I must have been mad to undertake so many miles/kilometers in one sitting, but i had a goal, get to the UK and get to the Kent VW Festival and say hi to Dee Parkinson and party for the weekend.

The weather was sunny and warm so maybe not the best for ‘aircooled’ driving, but the bus didnt miss a beat, was blowing a bit of oil, but i think i have found that problem, and after 1000km the tickover is all over the place so some fine tuning needed before the next leg of our journey.

2013-07-26 13.43.582013-07-26 12.34.012013-07-26 12.33.04


was a relief to get to Calais, knowing the Fent VW Festival was not far once we had crossed the pond

2013-07-26 18.43.15

bye bye France, hello England!

2013-07-26 19.25.50

My collection of European flies..

2013-07-26 18.50.36

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