Sunday morning arrived, along with the mother of all hangovers, and fantastic sunshine, an early start to clean the bus and park up in the show and shine, and off to the breakfast stand as cooking was the last thing on my mind. Beer was off the menu as i had a long drive to do in the afternoon from Kent to West Sussex. Was very happy as i won a trophy for the longest journey to the kent show and ended up with my bus in the winners enclosure, chuffed to say the least!!!!!



Then it was time to leave, i have to thank Dee Parkinson and Colin Downs and all the staff for hosting such a fantastic weekend, all the great people we met like the guys from Bugs on Wheels (Belgium), Dave Warren, Mac, and everybody else that took the time to chat and get to know us.

If you have not been to the Kent VW Festival i can highly recommend it to anybody, only in its second year, but totally worth a visit.

We hit the Motorway out of Kent and after an age on the Motorway we decided to head to Brighton and drive the last part of the journey to West Sussex along the coast road and enjoy the sights.


Upon leaving the Motorway we found out that the tickover/Idle on the bus was shot, and we stalled everytime we stopped, every redlight the engine cut and i nervously watched the rear view mirror waiting for somebody to rear end the bus, not a good feeling, but we soldierd on till we got to our destination, the bus running hot and not ticking over at all.

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