We’ve left early on that bright and sunny morning, cause we’ve wanted to reach two lakes between Berkåk and Oppdal on the fjell. Cause as the weather was still fantastic and warm, especially Bettina longed for a last easy day with reading, sun bathing, swimming and relaxing.

We’ve chosen that spot, cause it was strategical perfect situated – enough faraway from a bigger town on the fjells, what means not too many cottages and people, but close enough to the E6, which will be our road that lead us near Oslo next day.

We’ve left our night spot by taking the 714 to Orkanger to shift onto E39, after a couple of kilometers we’ve steered on the Reiksveien 65 to take the 700 to Løkken Verk – a former mining town, which was still connected with Orkanger by a museum railroad. As i love old – especially abandoned rail roads, we did a very quick stop, either we didn’t want to loose to many time to still be able to enjoy that beautiful day lake side.

Short after Grindal we’ve turned right onto a track road which has led us to the lake area – unfortunately it wasn’t that empty as we’ve expected. Lucky wise the first track down to the lake was a bull’s eye.

When we’ve arrived the sky has been cloudy with a very strong refreshing wind. We’ve prepared lunch, after eating the wind calmed down and it has became immediately hot. That was the time for sunbathing and having a swim at the stoney beach.

But Suddenly heavy black clouds has appeared on the horizon and has approached very fast. When”ve just tided up everything, we’ve already felt the first drops. So, time for reading and having a nap in the cost bus.

Some dozens of pages later it has brightened up again and we’ve enjoyed a good dinner by a beautifu,l but fresh sunset.

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