A strong wind awaited us on that gray island morning, when we opened the bus’ cargo doors. Bad for me, cause i’ve needed a bath in one of those marshy ponds. That was really a though project indeed.

As we’ve started to drive, i’ve seen a touristic sign that attracted my attention – a bunker from the world war II. It was only a kind of a small observation bunker. As we’ve entered, there was unexpected voices. An almost ninety year old man was explaining some facts to a younger guy. The bunker was decorated withe dozens of found from the war time. As the youngster left, we’ve tried to talk to the man, with our very limited norwegian knowledges – surprisingly i was able to understand quite a lot. A little later a mid aged guy entered, the two seamed to know each other, and he was able to talk english, so we’ve got some more detailed information about this place and after some words he offers to show us even an other part of the bunker system – was really interesting. Sorry, cause of confidentiality, I was advised not to spread picture of the military facilities only of its surrounding.

We continued our trip by surrounding Frøya clockwise and continued that System on Hitra – but contra clockwise. On Hitra we’ve found a very nice spot for pic-nic, right a side a very nice river, where we’ve also where able to have a swim.

The goal was to take the ferry from Forsnes to Sandvika at 680. Unfortunately this ferry was no longer in service – what meant our map was not a recent edition. Even we’ve bought it at the beginning of our trip in Oslo.

I was slightly pissed, cause that meant, that we’ve had to drive back on the same road for almost a hundred kilometers – awful. So that also meant we have still to drive quite a distance, until we may search a place for over night.

Finally we’ve found a lake sided one just hidden some meters below an official rest point around half past nine.

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