Unfortunately the weather has changed over night and this morning began grey and unfriendly. We’ve packed up our stuff quick and drove back the same way to Botngård like the day yesterday. After buying some missing food and get a fill for the bus, we’ve driven on the 710 to Brekstad.

At Brekstad i’ve followed the ferry sign, but after some kilometers we’ve realized, that it was the sign for the ferry to the island of Storfosna, instead to Valset. We’ve decided to keep driving further this half-island to the ferry station as it brightened up and be came quite sunny, but with a strong wind. On our way back, Bettina spotted a small track, which led us directly to a sandy beach, where we’ve had lunch.
While we were waiting for the ferry, heave clouds appeared and the wind became even stronger. To get from Valset to Hitra, you’ve had to surround the whole half-island instead following the cost directly to Sunde. That means a detour of about 85 Kilometers.


We’ve driven on the 710 down to Gjølme almost at Orkanger to shift onto the 714 which brought us directly to Hitra. A real experience was to drive the tunnel which connects the main land with Hitra. Its almost 6 km long and it deepest point is 250 m below sea level, what means there are 3 km with a decline of 10% what shifted at its bottom directly in an acclivity of 10% – amazing.

After “climbing” Hitra a though quest of searching an over night place begun. Almost everywhere houses, farms and cottages. After checking out some small tracks and by luck we’ve found finally a quite ok spot with a great view on a Fjord and even the sun came back to say “sleep well”.

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