The alarm clock rang as the ladt few days a quarter to five a.m. – with only diffrence to the last few days, i didn’t get up immediately and kept sleeping till eight a.m. That was most obviousely, why we’ve left home early afternoon, a couple of hours later than planed.


We haven’t backed any thing, so still the whole luggage has had to be prepared and backed into the van. Also holger a friend of us was still here and allready up. After having breakfast and saying good by to him, we’ve been in a hurry to finish everything and start the trip.


The first lap will be from Zurich to Oslo Airport, where we will pick up Julian, Bettina’s 18 year old son. Julian will accompain us for about 10 days – i’m curiouse how he likes traveling with the bus, doing camping and fishing with us.


A side of a Traffic jam here have been no major problems on our first 350 kilometers so far. Now we are staying at Röhn’s service station near Fulda and enjoying our first holiday evening beer – cheers and till tomorrow.



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