When we’ve awoken later this morning, the weather was bright and warm, so we were able to get ride of all alive and dead fellows in our van. Actually I haven’t been that relaxed as usually, i’ve been even a little hectic about scratching all that dozens of itching bites of our mid night friends. But it was kind of worth, regarding to awake on such a nice environment.


Yeah, it has been a strange experience, that such a small fellow may cause such a trouble. If you wonder how a single individual of them looks like, here it is!


Later on, we’ve past one of the very old Scottish housings, where a whole tribe was living inside even with their goats and cows a some thousand years ago.


Only a few curves further on, we’ve found the perfect pick-nick place with my own private bathroom, a fantastic refreshment after all that smashing Mitches on my skin!


Now we’ve been only a couple of miles below the most northern point of our journey. The landscape has been very rough and empty – so, so nice! I’ve already felt a little sad to head soon direction south! But after the next corner, there was like to be transered into a Caribbean environment – a white sandy beach, with deep blue water has appeared – just awesome!


As it was still early after noon we’ve decided to head on a little further, also cause of the weather has started change foggy. So, we’ve arrived in Durness where we did some shopping and got gas. Initially we’ve planned to visit its cave, but as we’ve arrived we’ve been to lasy to climb down cliffs, but we’ve decided to go back on that beautiful spot to over-night – in hope of not anybody else has s settled there – thanx god, no and we’ve been able to spend a proper evening on beach with an perfect sunset.


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