We’ve left our first camp site refreshed and well packed with new ice direction Cromarty. A tiny, but very lovely old town with beautiful houses and a mystic old graveyard. From Cromarty a 5 car only ferry leaves to Balnapaling, where our trip has continued.


Our today goal was to find new small roads or even some tracks, which may lead us to our next top ten overnight site. We did some cultural sight seeing brakes, while heading on further north into the wilderness of the highlands.


The weather was top and so our mood. We’ve done some brakes for taken bus picture and start to look for an accurate place to do barbecue and enjoying the passing day. While spotting only closed gates for quite a while, suddenly there it was our “Gate to Luckiness”. We’ve found a completely abandoned place with a great view, sunshine, a moderate breeze, wood to fire – heaven!


Unfortunately our small paradise became suddenly to hell when our uninvited “local quests” have arrived right after finishing dinner – The Mitches. A small mosquito not bigger than 1 to 2 mm each, they are slow and easy to smash as a single individual. But this time they haven’t appeared in dozen, nor hundreds, nor in thousands – but in f***ing BILLIONS! 😳 Initially, i’ve thought it will be better after sunset so, we tried to get ride of them by smoking cigars, firing some smoky wood and bunch ourselves with towels.


After half an hour, it was obvious that we will loose that fight and it seamed like several other billions of Mitches has arrived meanwhile. We’ve decided to shelter us in the bus, where we’ve invested almost an other half an hour to kill hundreds of In-Van-Mitches. After that action, we’ve red and felt soon asleep, but we didn’t thought about the Mitches size. The fact, that this creatures are so tiny and our split screen has so meany small holes and gaps, our camper van was refilled with hundreds of new ones within some hours. The thing is, you don’t hear them – or only if there are hundreads – but you feel them landing and/or biting you. That was the fact, that i’ve decided to evacuate Bettina, the bus and me at 02:00 in the morning. But to succeed, i’ve had to relocate some bags and camping chairs from the driver’s area to the cargo bay. That task made me to get off the van for two, three times – directly into the swarms of Billions of Billions of blood sucking beasts – while Bettina kept laying protected by her sheet in the cargo area.

–: Sorry, no picture are available of the evacuation :–


Lucky wise the engine has started and we’ve driven a couple hundreds yards uphill direction main road. Before entering the road, we’ve opened every window and the back latch to blew our blind passenger out of our vehicle. We’ve kept driving for some miles and settled on a parking space aside main road to spend the rest of the night.

But after an other hour the situation became worse again. Bettina wanted to keep asleep, but i can’t. I’ve restarted the engine at a quarter to four and escaped the highlands’ beasts by 10 mph. I’ve been totally exhausted, but the thoughts about that pain-in-the-ass-creatures kept me driving directly into the highlands mystic early morning hours. Approximately at 6 am, i’ve stopped the van – and yeah, most of the Mitches have gone – i’ve felt immediately asleep for a couple of hours – hell, what a night.


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