We’ve driven from Col du Ballons straight through France destination Calais – we were in a kind of a hurry, cause the night before we’ve checked the weather broadcast for different spots of our desire and see, our journeys main direction has been decided – Scotland!


While our ride, we’ve decided to stay for this night on a rest point close to Calais and do not shift the continent this, but the day after – but we’ve missed the last rest point so we directly headed on to Calais – in the mind to stay over night at an ugly harbor parking area. When we’ve arrived at Calais, i’ve taken the very last exit before Calais’ port and drove a little futher north, we’ve past a village, then taken a natural covered road direction shore, passed a no driving sign and found the next top ten over night place of our trip just situated within the dunes – unbelievable!


Ok, it was a quite windy one, but even with the better sun set than on Col de Ballons.


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