A short 1 1/2 hour drive to our next destination turned into 3 1/2 hours after instructions from an Italian, a dodgy sat nav and rubbish camping book led us high into the hills above Florence looking for a place to stay. What a nightmare!

After consulting our Tuscany map we identified another campsite only 10k from the centre with good bus links. So off we set up and down the hills. At one point we were climbing hills in 1st gear! Finally after climbing 400m from the valley floor we came across Camping Panaramico which suited us down to the ground! The buses were struggling in 35c heat and the passengers had melted long before that.

An afternoon in the pool rejuvenated the kids and we got ready for the short bus trip to the centre of Florence for dinner, ice cream and a little sight seeing. A great evening with a visit to Ponte Vechio and loads of photos of the gang enjoying some much required rest and relaxation. A simple bus trip home turned sour when the bus we wanted left from another stop just round the corner where we were standing! We packed the kids and ladies in to Taxis whilst we had a beer waiting another hour for the bus. The beer went down a treat! 😉

Florence….what a stunningly beautiful city!


General VW Airhead.

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