Today was a great day for the vans even in the heat! What we had planned should of been a nice easy trip of about 2 hours starting off early to avoid the midday heat but plans are easily shot to pieces, especially when some crazy Italians decide to play bumper cars on the autostrada! 30 mins stuck in a tunnel, 30 mins on a bridge 500 meters above Genoa left the van at 100c!!

Today’s destination, the beautiful town of Porto Fino. Stunning scenery, crystal clear Mediterranean water. Absolutely stunning.

The chosen campsite of the evening was interesting to say the least with vans and tents pitched/parked on hard terraces overlooking the sea. No space!! So we moved on to another campsite which reminded of us Deliverance!!! Is that a banjo i can hear in the distance? Oh well, showers were clean and the locals friendly!




General VW Airhead.

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