Well what can I say about today…after 10 mins we stopped in a layby to have another look at an over-revving engine on Reckless. This time we decided to adjust the accelerator linkage which seemed to help. When we get 5 minutes we’ll sort it once and for all.

Our drive south was spectacular as the Alps rose in front of us. Slowly we began our ascent up through the mountains to an Aire to prepare for the tunnel. Fed and watered we set off to conquer Mont Blanc and Italy.

The climb was steady and the buses managed it admirably. We paid the whopping toll of €35 and we drove into the tunnel for the 7 mile drive through the mountain to Italy. It was now around 11pm and with a fairly large moon the mountains looked amazing with the villlages perched within them.

We finally made it to Italy! With the general consensus agreed that we would drive until we had enough. 2 hours later we were in an Aire nr Vercelli only 100km from Genoa on the A26. Sleep!!!

General VW Airhead.

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