Bugcation is a holiday competition for people traveling with air cooled VW’s. To win, you have to blog about your vacation, primarily in photo with a short contribution about your adventures to keep your followers up to date.

bUGbUs.nEt is the organizer of this competition.

Agreement to terms and conditions
Participation in this competition constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions.

– Eligible for everyone over the age of 18.
– The number of blog entries per person (files, text) is unlimited. For participation to be credible, at least three blog entries must be made by the participant.
– Contributors are free to choose their use of language.
– Group contributions are allowed. In this case, the person under which the entry is registered, represents the whole group and is the sole person of contact for the organizers.
– bUGbUs.nEt reserves the right to exclude (without notice) participants who fail to meet the terms and conditions of the competition.

Competition duration


All information published on must not violate any third parties. Any connection with political, racial, sexual, violent, drug or religious related messages is prohibited.

Competition process
bUGbUs.nEt reserves the right to make changes to the competition process throughout the duration of the competition.

Correct information
Participant’s are required to provide valid information throughout the registration process.

No cash payments
There are no cash payments, except the defined prize money.

Use of personal data
Participant’s data will be soley used in the context of the competition. adheres to the Swiss data protection legislation. Participants data may be used for further communications purposes in connection with

The winners will be notified by the organizer.

There will be no correspondence about the competition.

The jurisdiction is final.

Registration is only possible online at In order to fully registrate, all questions must be answered. The latest time to register is 15 September 2014.

Contribution form
Participant’s are free to choose any form of contribution, whether text, image, film, musik, etc.  – all media are allowed.

Rights of use
By enterting the competition, participant’s allow the right of to use all posted content on

The organiser is particularly authorized to:
– retrive content from the competition site, so that this can also be viewed by third parties.
– use content freely and make publicly available as part of advertising campaigns (including on the internet or in printmedia).

Deletion of entries on
All contributions will be reviewed by the organizers. There is no legal right to override the organizers decisions. The organizers are at all times free to delete entries.

Transfer of rights
Participant’s transfer the right of to use all posted content by way of reproduction, distribution and publication, regardless of the medium (eg. radio, television, internet, press etc).

User responsibilities
The user is responsible for their behaviour on bUGcATiOn.cOm and held fully accountable for all submitted content. In particular, the user is required to obtain the necessary consent needed to use images and text from other parties.

Final clauses
Participating people and groups are obligated to respect applicable copyrights, namely the use of foreign materials (text, images, videos, etc.) on


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