Heiligenschwendi, a place of calmness of power (Patrick, you know what i mean 😉) let stop our plans of a fast on going to France for the last two days. 20130717-101911.jpg
We’ve just hang out in the garden and on the balcony chilling, reading and trying to forget studio issues – to get in real holiday mood.

But as the weather has changed yesterday evening – a fresh and strong wind of change has blown away our laciness. The decision of continuing our journey has made within seconds.

We’ve rushed down to Thun’s Coop just before its closing time to get all needed food for our trip – a strange, but a nice feeling to drive the volkswagen after almost forgetting it 😃

A cloudy and fresh morning has await us today, through the clouds you are able to see barely the mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau – an awesome morning to leave this beautiful place and get ready for new adventures…
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