We’ve done it!!!! The road trip is complete! 3000 miles, 3 buses, 3 families, 3 countries and only a few technical problems ha ha!

Well done to everyone for achieving this monumental trip from England through France, into Italy to Ancona for Giordano’s brothers wedding, to Cremona to see Cinzias family, and taking in the sights along the way including Geneva, Switzerland then home via Paris. Absolutely superb.

Thanks to the bugbus.net team for their kind friendly words along the way and to everyone who commented on our posts. We hope you enjoyed the ramblings of a mad English man and the many pictures of our vans along he way!

I’ll post some more pictures in the next few days once I have downloaded them from my camera.

To all my fellow dubbers, get out there in your wagens and enjoy the open road, there is nothing better than driving your VW and exploring the world one country at a time! Just make sure you pack your tool kits! 😉




General VW Airhead.

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