Again I here you cry? Yes indeedee!

If you’ve been reading our blog you’ll know that Giordano’s bus developed a carburettor leak when we were last here and we spent the morning rebuilding it. My bus, Miss Behavin’, had developed quite an oil leak from the near side rocker cover and reckless was still running fast and needed tuning. As soon as Jim heard we were having problems and were fixing the buses in the campsite he offered us his place in the nearby town of Boligny sur Ouche which, once we’d arrived, no one wanted to leave as the pool was just too much fun! Thanks again Jim!

So, we are back to see the sights this time and to shower and organise ourselves before the drive to Paris tomorrow morning. We’ve checked in to Camping Municipal which David recommended. Nice!

Reckless News!
They are around 4/5 hours in front of us near Auxerre and pushing on to Le Havre and there favourite campsite for a few days rest and relaxation before the ferry home on Monday.


General VW Airhead.

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