We tried really hard to get up early this morning and failed miserably but we did manage an hour or so at the market followed swiftly by a delicious ice cream and cold ice watermelon drink on Porto Recanati! Thermometers are destined to reach 45c today and, at around 1pm, had already passed the 40c mark.

David has managed to get a car sorted and has driven to Pescara around 123km away and made contact with the chap who has the parts. Hopefully he’ll be back around 6 which should give us enough time to get Reckless sorted and back on the road possibly today. Again the fingers are crossed, in fact, I think they’ve been crossed that many times on this trip that they are now permanently stuck in that position. 😉

It’s now 3:30pm and we are fighting over shade!



General VW Airhead.

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