So, this morning we spent 2.5hrs stripping Giordano’s carb, cleaning it and rebuilding it and it works!! Only to find the t-piece for the fuel line broken. Let me tell you, finding a metal t-piece in normal automotive shops in Beaune is near impossible however, VW Beaune came to the rescue.

I went in to the showroom asked the sales team whether they had the part, 5 minutes later they came back and said no. Walking back to the van I recounted the 10 places I had been already and wondered whether I’d ever find the part. When I got back to the van, two of the vw mechanics were looking over my van and I introduced myself and told them in my worst French what I was looking for. One of them walked off and came back with the exact part!!! Bloody marvellous! 😉

I returned to Giordano’s bus and we finally put it all back together and she burst into life!! Great job. We were off this time heading for Bligny-sur-ouche and Jim’s house with a pool. He had kindly offered us a rest from the vans after hearing about the problems we’d had.

Today we travelled 16km, so lots to catch up on over the following days.


General VW Airhead.

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